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Why Write For Us?

1. Get Exposure. Our content reaches hundreds of thousands of unique readers every month on our site, newsletter and social channels. In short, you will get a lot of eyeballs.

2. Build Your Resume. Your work will be published on a top-notch and well known outdoor site.

3. Meal Discounts. Yup, we make some awesome backpacking meals. Get epic trail fuel at pro deal rates.

4. Free Gear. We test a lot of gear and need testers. You might get some hot new gear sent your way to test and review.

Topics We're Looking For:

  • Gear Reviews: reviews on particular pieces of new and popular gear.
  • Backpacking Guides: comprehensive guides to trail towns, hostels, shelters, etc.
  • Trip Reports: an epic unknown trail in Oregon, or a 2-week trip Boundary Water trip, or a cycle tour across America, etc.
  • Ultralight Gear Lists: what all are you packing and why?
  • How to Guides: how to make your own _______ or how to do _______.
  • Personal Opinions: thoughts on the AT vs PCT vs CDT, what you love most about thru-hiking, backpacking vs bikepacking, hiking alone as a female, etc.
  • Trail News: report on the Appalachian Trail pipeline, new trails opening up, etc.
  • Stories: any fun, crazy or exciting ever happened to you on a trail?
  • Creative: whatever you might find interesting!

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